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 Ardamax keylogger 2.85

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Ardamax keylogger 2.85

Ardamax Keylogger is a keystroke recorder for monitoring EVERYTHING people type on the computer. In total stealth, the program records keystrokes made in all applications – Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, Skype, Internet Explorer and anywhere else, makes snapshots of the screen and saves captured information to an encrypted log file. The log file has a time stamp and the name of the application where the keystrokes have been captured. You can view the log in the built-in Log Viewer, or have it sent to you by email, via LAN, or get it uploaded to the FTP server.

The program leaves no traces of its presence and cannot be discovered by the computer system. Other users do not suspect they are being monitored and cannot see the program in Windows processes, even with advanced process viewers. The program can be accessed by the user who knows a valid access password.

Ardamax Keylogger runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista.

Get Started Now – It’s Easy!

Be always in control of what’s going on your computer when you’re not around! Download a trial version of Ardamax Keylogger and try it out for 7 days before you have to pay for it.
Top Reasons to Install Ardamax Keylogger

Choose Ardamax Keylogger and enjoy these exciting features and benefits:

  • Check on children's activities
    As a loving parent, you can use Ardamax Keylogger to protect your children from unwanted acquaintances, pedophiles, thieves, porn sites, and other online smut. Whether you’re at home or work, you’ll always be in control of your child with log reports delivered right to your desktop.
  • Keep tabs on your significant other
    If your beloved does not allow you to come close to the computer and closes all windows when you come into the room, you can use Ardamax Keylogger to find out what’s going on. Check whether your significant other is having a secret affair with someone in MySpace or Facebook. Save your relations before it’s too late!
  • Save lost typing
    Ardamax Keylogger makes a good backup solution for most anyone who types documents. Use it to record your typing and restore documents you have lost due to unintentional deletion, or software crash. Ardamax Keylogger will save you time as you won’t have to re-type lost text from scratch.
  • Monitor employee performance
    As an employer, you’re interested in discipline and maximum productivity in the office. Using Ardamax Keylogger, you’ll get regular reports on what’s going on in the office when you are not around – whether your employees work or waste working hours chatting with friends or hanging around on fun sites.
  • Capture keystrokes, snapshots, clipboard
    Ardamax Keylogger records keystrokes in all applications, including both sides of the conversation in instant messengers, such as MSN, ICQ, Skype, Windows Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Miranda, and QIP. More than that, it records passwords, clipboard content, and makes screenshots of the desktop.
  • Remote delivery of logs via email, LAN, FTP
    All recorded keystrokes and snapshots can be viewed locally or remotely. If you opt for the latter option, you’ll be able to use three delivery methods – email, FTP, LAN. You can have all logs sent to your email address, uploaded to the FTP server, or sent to you via local network at set intervals of time.
  • Absolute stealth
    With Ardamax Keylogger, there’s no chance for the program to be detected. In the invisible mode, it hides its presence everywhere – in the task bar, system tray, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista Task Manager, process viewers (Process Explorer, WinTasks), Start Menu and Windows Startup list.
  • Total security
    For more peace of mind, Ardamax Keylogger allows you to set up a password to protect program settings, Hidden Mode and log file. No one, except you, will be able to access Ardamax Keylogger.
  • Unicode support
    Ardamax Keylogger supports Unicode characters, which makes it possible to record keystrokes that include characters from Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and many other character sets.

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Ardamax keylogger 2.85
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